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MetalpriceAPI is a lightweight reliable API for live and historical metals rates for 150+ world currencies.

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Live Rates

Access real-time precious metal and forex rates.

Historic Rates

Retrieve historical precious metal and forex rates.

Carat Rates

Get live and historical rates for various gold carats.


Analyze rates over a specified range of dates.

Convert Currencies

Calculate exchange rates between 150+ world currencies.

Rate Comparison

Compare precious metal and forex rates over custom time periods.


MetalpriceAPI provides a simple and efficient JSON-based REST API that offers real-time and historical data for precious metals and foreign exchange (forex) rates, covering over 150 currencies worldwide. We have pricing plans suitable for businesses of any size, from startups to large enterprises requiring live and historical data.

MetalpriceAPI enables you to access dependable and precise precious metals and forex data to drive your business operations, improve your offerings, and make well-informed choices on a global level.

Our solutions cater to a wide range of customers, including online retailers, marketing professionals, software developers, physical shop managers, jewelry manufacturers and retailers, and news media and financial publishing professionals, enhancing their business operations. Learn more

Our data is sourced from a wide range of commercial sources and banks globally, with a heavier emphasis on commercial sources to more accurately reflect live market trading activities.

Our proprietary algorithm intelligently analyzes data from multiple providers, dynamically identifying and correcting inaccuracies in real-time. This ensures that our API delivers precise, reliable information in a user-friendly format, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

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