Empower Your Agency with Real-Time Metals Market Data

As an agency serving clients in various industries, you understand the importance of providing accurate, timely market data. MetalpriceAPI empowers your agency to deliver unmatched value to your clients with real-time metals prices and powerful data solutions.

Designed for the Unique Needs of the Precious Metals Industry

We understand that the precious metals and jewelry industry has specific data requirements. That's why we've tailored our API to meet your exact needs, with features like:

  • Seamless Integration for Diverse Agency Projects
    MetalpriceAPI is designed to support a wide range of agency projects. Our flexible API seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, allowing you to quickly incorporate metals market data into client dashboards, reports, applications, and more. Customize data feeds, endpoints, and visualizations to match your clients' unique needs, whether they're in finance, manufacturing, or any other industry.
  • Reliable Data and Uptime Your Agency Can Trust
    Your clients rely on you for accurate, up-to-date information. MetalpriceAPI provides reliable, high-quality metals market data with uptime, ensuring that your agency can deliver insights your clients can trust. Our data is sourced from authoritative industry providers and rigorously validated for accuracy.
  • White-Label Solutions for Agency Branding
    Strengthen your agency's brand with our white-label data solutions. MetalpriceAPI allows you to rebrand and customize data visualizations, reports, and widgets to match your agency's look and feel. Provide a seamless, branded experience for your clients while leveraging the power of our data.
  • Proven Results for Leading Agencies
    Join the leading agencies that trust MetalpriceAPI to enhance their client offerings. Marketing agencies, financial consultancies, and technology service providers have all used our data to create compelling, value-added services for their clients across various industries. Read their success stories to see how MetalpriceAPI can help your agency achieve similar results.
  • Competitive Pricing for Maximum Value
    At MetalpriceAPI, we believe in providing exceptional value to our agency partners. Our competitive pricing plans are designed to fit your agency's budget while delivering the high-quality data and features you need to succeed. Choose the plan that aligns with your agency's size, clientele, and data requirements, and scale as your business grows.
  • Elevate Your Agency's Value with MetalpriceAPI
    Ready to take your agency's offerings to the next level? Sign up for a free trial of MetalpriceAPI today and experience the difference that real-time, reliable data can make for your clients.

What We Offer

  • Real-Time Global Precious Metal Rates
    Access to real-time prices for precious metals including gold, silver, and more in over 150+ world currencies.
  • Trusted by Industry Leaders
    Our technology powers bullion retailers globally, enhancing their online stores and applications.
  • Global Trust
    We are a trusted partner for thousands of businesses around the world.

Elevate Your Agency's Value with MetalpriceAPI

With MetalpriceAPI, your agency will have the data and tools needed to create exceptional value for your clients and stand out in a competitive market.

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