Real-time Precious Metal Rates JSON REST API

Fast & reliable API for current and historical precious metals rates in over 150+ currencies.

  1. $ curl ""
  2. {
  3.   "success": true,
  4.   "timestamp": ,
  5.   "base": "USD",
  6.   "rates": {
  7.     "XAG": ,
  8.     "XAU": ,
  9.     "XPD": ,
  10.     "XPT": ,
  11.      + many more!
  12.    }
  13. }
Powerful & Scalable

From a single request per month to several million a day — our scalable cloud infrastructure has got you covered at any stage.

Accurate Data

Our API uses multiple sources for stable & reliable precious metal pricing.
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Simple Integration.

Modern JSON API that returns well formatted, live pricing data. Client libraries for Node.js, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Curl

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Our data is sourced from a wide range of data sources including commercial sources and banks globally. We assign a heavier weight to commercial sources to better accurately reflect trading activities in the live market.

Our proprietary algorithm is capable of weighting data providers and reconciling inaccurate/outlier quotes all in real-time. What you get is a simple and accurate easy-to-use API.

Accessing any of our endpoints will count as one “API Request”. Based on your Subscription Plan, you get a monthly allowance of “API Requests”.

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After you reach 100% of your quota, you will be soft-capped.

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