Free Foreign Exchange Rate API (Forex API)

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Free Foreign Exchange (Forex) Rates API

We offer an Exchange Rates API in JSON format that is an affordable option compared to currencylayer. To get your free API subscription that never expires, sign up here. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes!

What foreign exchange currencies are available?

We offer 150+ foreign exchange rates conversions as well as gold and silver metal foreign exchange conversion rates

Take a look at the list here.

Some popular currency conversions we offer include Real, Dollar, Yuan, Krone, Rupee, Yen, Peso, Won, Franc, and Baht exchange rates API to name just a few.

Free forex currency conversion API

Along with live exchange rates, we also offer a free foreign exchange currency conversion API. Our robust and reliable API allows historical/time machine currency conversion and also live to the minute exchange rate information. You can learn more about our free offerings with our documentation.

Below is an example usage for historical foreign exchange conversion API in use

  • Conversion rate of USD$30 to EUR using historical exchange rates data on 2022-01-30[API_KEY]&from=USD&to=EUR&amount=100&date=2022-01-30
  • How to convert 100 USD to EUR using live rate[API_KEY]&from=USD&to=EUR&amount=100
  • How to convert USD to Yen[API_KEY]&from=USD&to=Yen&amount=100
  • Convert USD to CAD using API[API_KEY]&from=USD&to=CAD&amount=100
  • Free conversion USD to Singapore Dollars using API[API_KEY]&from=USD&to=SGD&amount=100

Easy to get started

Our easy-to-use API makes it easy to get your ready in under 5 minutes! We offer client libraries to make your integration smoother. Click here to get started.

Free WordPress Foreign Exchange Rate API

We also offer a free WordPress integration kit. Learn more here.